Crayfish Plugin Code Refactoring and Migration to QGIS 3.x

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Crayfish code re-factoring

Project Intro

Crayfish plugin has helped several organisations migrating to QGIS. During the past few years, the development has been funded by various private and government organisations. In additions to new features, Crayfish now supports several file formats. Some of those formats are directly supported by GDAL/OGR and for the rest, we have written libraries from scratch to be able to read the formats and display quantities in QGIS.

The core library to display mesh and quantities in written in a C++ programming language. Therefore, for each platform (e.g. Windows, Linux), users have to download additional files to be able to use to plugin. This is causing lots of inconveniences for maintaining the plugin in its current format. Ideally, we’d like to port to plugin to Python only, whilst maintaining the current performance.

Additionally, QGIS 3.x is round the corner, which requires some changes to the plugin to port it to Python 3.x and QT 5.x

We would like to start this crowd funding campaign to raise funds for refactoring the code and also porting the plugin to QGIS 3.x

Project Details

We plan to:

  • Re-factor the code:
    • to be compatible with QGIS 3.x
    • port C++ part of the code to Python
  • Bug fixes and enhancements
    • Support for creating animation in batch mode
    • Support for displaying cumulative plots (e.g. flow time series)
    • Rendering bugs

The development will be hosted on the current code repository

If you have a technical question or would like to discuss this project further please contact Peter Petrik, the primary project developer.


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Project Duration* 4 weeks
Project start date* 15/03/2017 (or as soon as the campaing reached its target fund - depends on the availability)
Crowdfunding Started 15/11/2016
Crowdfunding Deadline 14/03/2017
Crowdfunding Goal (ex. VAT) £9900
Minimum donation (ex. VAT) £100

* Project start date and duration are indicative.

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