Support for Schema 9 in OS Translator II

APRIL 04, 2017 gml news ordnance survey osmm plugins

Schema 9 for Ordnance Survey’s MasterMap is now supported in our translator.

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You can now convert your OS MasterMap data with Schema 9 in the OS Translator II plugin for QGIS.

Schema 9 OSMM topography layer in QGIS

Please note that the translator only supports the topography and ITN datasets. If you’d like to see more OS formats support with the plugin, please contact us. If you are not a supported customer and not willing to fund the development, all your requests for new features will be diverted to our /dev/null inbox.


The update has been kindly sponsored by several local authorities and national parks.

Feedback and bug report

If you have any problem with the plugin, please do not email us directly and consider filing a bug here:

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Posted by Peter Petrik, Saber Razmjooei