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Mappin is a service for publishing maps on the web. It's intuitive to use and easy to administer.

Mappin was initially developed to support the activities of councils in the UK but is applicable across a wide range of disciplines and regions.

Mappin main toolbar and legend

Typical use cases see users finding their nearest amenities (e.g. recycling centres, libraries, post offices) and viewing nearby planning applications and associated planning documents.

Mappin Find-my-nearest results


Mappin allows users to:

  • Quickly locate addresses and postcodes
  • Find their nearest amenities
  • View published datasets on a map including their attributes and linked data
  • Create and download attractive printable maps
  • Much more through additional Mappin modules

Check out the video below for a guided tour.

The power of Mappin is its ease of administration and close links with QGIS. No JavaScript or coding experience is required. A graphical, web-based interface means administrators can:

  • Drag-and-drop a QGIS project into Mappin - it will automatically set up:
    • Layers, groups, layer order, visibility & aliases
    • Styles & labelling
  • Configure print templates precisely using the Print Composer in QGIS - Mappin extracts these automatically from the QGIS project file
  • Configure map projection, extent, zoom levels and background maps
  • Specify which feature attributes are visible to users and alias them if required
  • Configure built-in modules (Gazetteer, Find-my-nearest, Printing)
  • Add additional functionality through Mappin modules

Mappin has been developed in a way which makes it easy to extend through additional modules. This could allow:

  • Public reporting of fly-tipping with precise location
  • Linking to 3rd-party services
Mappin print settings

Integration scenarios

Mappin is a cloud-based service. Project data is uploaded along with a QGIS project file (e.g. Shapefiles, PostGIS backup files, SpatiaLite databases, raster images). Mappin provides a PostGIS database which administrators can connect to directly.

Mappin also supports reading data from external PostGIS or GeoServer / QGIS-server instances across the internet.

Demonstration webinars

We're holding a number of lunchtime webinars to showcase Mappin - if you'd like more information or to attend, please drop us a mail at info@lutraconsulting.co.uk.