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TF Mobile allows you to view, respond to and create new Comments and Observations in the field. Comments and Observations also make a convenient way to bookmark things you wish to look at in the field. This section describes how to work with comments in TF Mobile.

Searching and opening comments

From the main screen in TF Mobile press the Comments button to open the Comments & Observations panel.

The Comments & Observations panel lists all comments associated with this MU. Comments can be searched and also filtered by type.

Tap a comment to open it.

The comment is then shown in full. Use the Zoom-to button (if present) to show any associated points, lines or areas on the map.

The Sharing button can be used to update comment sharing settings (of comments you made). The + button can be used to respond to a comment (covered later).

The In Checklist option can be used to assign comments to a virtual checklist. The full list of comments (shown above) can later be filtered to show only comments marked for inclusion in this virtual checklist. This feature can be used to group important comments into a smaller list and is provided purely for organisational purposes.

Making new comments

To make a new comment, open the Comments & Observations panel and press the + button at the bottom-right of the panel.

The title, comment type and comment text can now be entered. The Include GPS position option can be used to associate a point (at your current location) with the comment. The Attach button can be used to attach arbitrary files to the comment and the Add Photo button can be used to attach a photo taken by your device’s built-in camera.

Press OK to save the comment. Please note the comment will only be visible to other TF users once TF Mobile is synced (discussed later).

Responding to comments

As described elsewhere in the documentation, Comments and Observations in TF can be responded to, forming a conversation rather than just comments in isolation.

To respond to a comment, open the comment and press the + button in the bottom-right of the panel.

The comment response can be written in much the same way a new comment is made.