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Logging In

Before we can use TF Mobile we must log in with our TF credentials (the username and password we normally use to access TF). This procedure is described below. Register a TF account through the main TF website if you do not already have one.

First open the TF Mobile app:

You should be presented with a login screen. Set the server, username and password as specified in the details emailed to you by the TF development team.

Click Log-In. You should now see an overview map. Your current position is shown as a small white circle:

Let’s look at the interface, clockwise from the top-left: The + and - buttons can be used to zoom in/out of the map. This can also be achieved with a pinch gesture.

The text at the top-centre of the screen shows the selected MU, currently (none), indicating we have not yet selected an MU.

At the top-right is the Sync button (to synchronise changes to/from the main TF server) and the Menu button (discussed later).

A scale bar can be found in the lower-right of the screen.

At the bottom-left is the GPS status indicator (currently green) and the Zoom to Location button (which moves the map to your current GPS location).

A low-resolution world overview map is currently shown. The text at the top of the map shows the account TF Mobile has used to connect. A summary of pending changes (changes waiting to be synced to the main TF system) is also shown.