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Controlling Layers

TF Mobile is able to display the majority of layers available in TF. This section describes how to switch layers on/off and how to work with changemaps.

From the main TF Mobile screen, press the Layers button to open the Layers panel.

Layers can now be checked / unchecked using their checkboxes.

The Satellite Datasets used to provide the Current, Changes and Previous map layers can be specified (if more than two Satellite Datasets are available for the MU) by pressing the dates shown under Land Cover in the layers panel.

The Changes layer can be filtered to show all changes or Deforestation (where natural forest has changed to some other land use class).

Dragging the content of the Layers panel upwards reveals the Set Transparency and Legend buttons. The Set Transparency button can be used to show / hide layer transparency controls. Using transparency can make it easier to visually interpret overlapping layers. The Legend button shows a description of the colours used in visible layers.

The Layers panel can be closed (making more of the map visible) by pressing the X button.