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Caching and Opening MUs

To work with an MU in the field, the information associated with that MU must first be cached (made available offline) on TF Mobile. Caching requires internet connectivity. The steps below show how to cache, open and close MUs.

Caching an MU

Follow these steps to cache an MU. Press the Menu button at the top-right of the screen.

A list of Management Unit Groups will appear. If the list is empty you may need to use the Refresh button to refresh the list. The Search tool can also be used to quickly find Management Unit Groups.

Select a Management Unit Group. A list of Management Units will be displayed.

Drag the Cache button to the ON position. Repeat with other MUs as required and then press the Back button to return to the home screen. Caching of MUs which have been synced and are no longer needed can be disabled to free up space on the device.

The home screen should now show the number of MUs to be cached (1 in this case). Press the Sync button (near the top-right) to cache the selected MUs.

TF Mobile should report a successful sync.

The data associated with the MU is now available for offline use in TF Mobile.

Opening an MU

The text at the top-centre of the main TF Mobile screen currently says (none) indicating that no MU is currently open. To open an MU, press the Menu button (top-right).

Now select a Management Unit Group. Notice that cached MU Groups & MUs are highlighted in green.

Now tap the Management Unit you wish to open.

The Management Unit should now be open and visible in TF Mobile. The name of the MU is shown at the top-centre of the screen. Some additional buttons are now present (discussed later).

Closing an MU

To close an MU, from the main screen in TF Mobile, press the X button next to the MU name.