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It’s not uncommon when working with open source software to see that the project of a single client will benefit a much wider audience. A simple example is a client wanting some really useful new feature implemented in QGIS which would also benefit the wider QGIS user community. We aim to fund the development of such projects through crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding aims to spread the burden of funding throughout the wider user community rather than relying on a single donor and is therefore well suited to free and open source software projects. With reduced per-donor costs, the likelihood of projects attaining their required funding increases, benefiting both the user and developer communities.

Some examples of Lutra projects made possible through crowdfunding include the AutoTrace plugin for QGIS and multi-threaded rendering in QGIS since 2.4

Ongoing campaigns

Project Description
AutoTrace Phase 2
An advanced and powerful tracing function for QGIS similar to that seen in other professional GIS packages.
QGIS Legend Refactoring
The Legend Refactoring project will provide a new and improved legend in QGIS. The new legend will give finer control of how the legend displays symbols for vector layers and will allow the user to better manage how layer groups are used in the legend and print composer.

How does it work?

Our crowdfunding process looks something like this:

  1. We set up a crowdfunding page containing:
    • Details of the project, including an unambiguous specification
    • An indication of project duration
    • The amount of funding required
    • The deadline for reaching the crowdfunding goal
  2. Fundraising
    • The project is promoted to attract donors
    • Donors pledge funds through a pledge form
  3. Development
    • Development starts if the funding goal is reached before the fundraising deadline