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Mergin new release

FEBRUARY 12, 2020 Geodiff Input Mergin

New release of Mergin (version 2020.2) is up. This release comes with several improvements and bug fixes.

Based on feedback from users, we have made some significant changes to make upload/download of large files more robust. The changes will make data synchronisation between desktop, mobile and the server more reliable. In addition, we have added more informative error messages for user registration.

Mergin plugin for QGIS

A new release of Mergin plugin is also available from the QGIS plugin repo (version 2020.2). There have been also improvements on the client side to handle large files download/upload.

A major issue for accessing the server from the plugin, reported by macOS users, was also resolved.

Error messages from the plugin are now more human readable!

Feedback and suggestion

Let us know if you have any feedback to improve the service.

Posted by Saber Razmjooei