Our Services

We work closely with our clients to support their adoption and ongoing use of open source GIS. Our services include infrastructure architecting, migrations, training and ongoing commercial support. We also provide bespoke software development and GIS analysis services.

Our Services

Spatial Data Infrastructure

Introducing open source GIS into your spatial data infrastructure (SDI) is an effective way to bring GIS to more staff while at the same time reducing ongoing licensing costs. Our experience includes:

  • Mixed (open source and proprietary) GIS estates
  • Ensuring performance under heavy use
  • Maintaining compatibility with legacy back office systems
  • Providing useful and INSPIRE-compliant metadata management solutions
  • Optimising QGIS deployments for virtualised environments
  • Designing database schemata that add value to your data
  • Helping clients pass security audits (e.g. PSN compliance)
  • Developing uncomplicated access control management systems based on Active Directory

See how your spatial data infrastructure could benefit from open source GIS.


Migrating to open source GIS doesn't have to be a head-ache. We've helped a wide range of private and public organizations with migrations with a focus on capacity building to allow clients to maintain systems themselves. Our experience includes:

  • Planning migrations carefully to minimise disruption
  • Leading the deployment together with the client
  • Developing automated methods for data cleaning and migration
  • Providing guidance on migrating non-data elements (e.g. styles, print templates)
  • Client support staff handover (including specific training and documentation)
  • Training end-users and supporting user acceptance testing
  • Providing ongoing second and third line commercial support

Bespoke Software and Analysis

Open source GIS can be used to develop powerful automation tools. We've developed tools to allow our clients to greatly increase their productivity, whether they are managing vineyards, designing broadband networks, assessing insurance risk, optimising logistics routes or analysing climate models. Bespoke software could allow you to:

  • Greatly reduce the time spent on common tasks
  • Reduce likelihood of human error
  • Solve new challenges that were not previously possible
  • Gain a competitive edge in your field of expertise

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