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About Us

Lutra Consulting provides consulting, migration, software development, training and commercial support services for QGIS and other open source GIS projects

Lutra Consulting Limited
Registered in England and Wales,
Company No. 09460334

Tel. +44 (0)1444 848012

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Registered Office
23 Chestnut Close
Burgess Hill
West Sussex
RH15 8HN

Saber Razmjooei

Saber holds a BEng in Irrigation and Drainage and an MSc in Water Resources Technology and Management.

Saber works closely with clients and manages the projects.

Peter Wells

Peter holds a degree in Civil Engineering with Computing from the University of Surrey

Peter manages planning and implementation of migrations to OSGeo solutions, runs our PostGIS training courses, helps with support and taking care of system infrastructure.

Martin Dobias

Martin holds an MSc in Computer Science from Charles University, Prague.

Martin has been involved in the QGIS project as a core developer since 2005. As our CTO, he oversees software architecture and user interface design. Martin also leads our recruitment.

Peter Petrik

Peter holds an MSc in Mathematical Modelling in Physics and Technology from Charles University, Prague.

Peter has been involved in the QGIS project as a core developer since 2018. He leads the projects and does technical reviews.

Radoslaw Pasiok

Radek holds an Msc in Civil Engineering from the Wroclaw University of Technology.

He has developed several plugins and tool for QGIS. Radek is also specialized in hydraulic modelling, PostGIS and Python Flask framework.

Lukasz Debek

Lukasz holds an MSc in Geography from Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.

He wrote many extensions, tools and plugins for QGIS. Lukasz is also experienced in hydraulic modelling, PostGIS and WebGIS development.

Martin Varga

Martin holds a PhD in Macromolecular Physics from Charles University, Prague.

Martin is responsible for webmapping solutions based on Flask microframework, PostGIS, Openlayers, QGIS and GeoServer.

Viktor Sklenčár

Viktor holds a master degree in Applied Informatics, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Comenius University in Bratislava.

Viktor develops GIS mobile and web applications for iPads, Android devices and all browsers!

Marcel Dancak

Marcel holds a master degree in Informatics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Technical University of Košice.

Marcel develops web applications for map visualisation. He has in depth knowledge of the latest web technologies such as vue-js

Radovan Marcek

Rado holds a degree in animation and visual art from Tomas Bata University in Zlin.

Rado provides artistic input to a range of Lutra's projects including website layouts and graphic design.

Juraj Petrik

Juraj is studying PhD. in Psychology at Comenius university in Bratislava.

He has experience in executive search to find suitable talents from various industries using modern HR technologies and procandidate oriented approaches.


Giraffe is Lutra's Microsoft Certified Professional. He enjoys coding in ActiveX and manages the team's VB and Delphi requirements. Giraffe makes the world a better place through developing eye-catching screensavers.

Why the name Lutra?

Lutra is the name of the genus associated with the Otter subfamily. The Otter is a semi-aquatic animal, well adapted to rivers and streams which is why it struck us as the perfect familiar for an organisation with a strong footing in the water engineering and river modelling industry.

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Our history

Lutra Consulting was established as a partnership (Saber Razmjooei and Peter Wells) in 2009 as a consulting organisation supporting others in their adoption of QGIS and other open source GIS software.

Both its partners had a water engineering background and hence many early projects were water-related including the release of the Crayfish plugin in 2012 which has since evolved to support many time-varying mesh formats directly in QGIS – even some for climate models.

In 2013 Lutra was joined by long-time QGIS core developer, Martin Dobias which extended its software development capability to include core QGIS features. This resulted in QGIS’ trace- digitizing, multi-threaded rendering and more recently, native support for 3D rendering within QGIS itself. In 2014, Lutra launched its QGIS Commercial Support packages, offering the first UK-based support committed to providing bug-fixes for QGIS.

Nowadays, Lutra are also committed to liberating GIS data from the bounds of the office – 2017 saw their first lightweight Android app for bringing your QGIS projects into the field (and even editing them there) and in 2018, Mappin – a way to publish QGIS projects as web maps with no fuss and no coding.


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Enabling access to non-point source risk mapping tools using Open Source Software and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards : the development of the SCIMAP WebApp

Benchmarking of 2D Hydraulic Modelling Packages

Accuracy of the ISIS bridge methods for prediction of afflux at high flows: discussion from an ISIS user's perspective

Surface Water Mapping and Flood Risk Management