QGIS Code Sprint - FOSS4G UK - 2016

MAY 31, 2016 news qgis
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The Open Source community in the UK will get together for another great FOSS4G meeting from 14 to 16 of June in Southampton.

QGIS has already established itself as one of the major Open Source GIS applications. To help the community to contribute back to the project, we are running a code sprint.

The code sprint session will not require prior knowledge of coding, so all participants are welcome to join. Make sure you bring your laptop!

There will be several power users and plugin developers to help with the code sprint. There will be 3 topics covered during the code sprint:

  • Documentation
  • Helping with the bug fixing
  • Contributing to qgis2web plugin


If you are interested in helping with the QGIS documentation, we will run a short presentation to introduce you to the workflow.

Participants are required to have installed and configured the following software packages:

Helping with the bug fixing

For those who are interested in findings bugs, testing existing bugs and leaning up the bug queue, you will need:

  • An OSGeo ID
    • Currently requires contacting OSGeo admins on IRC (#osgeo) in order to get the registration form (!)
  • Multiple versions of QGIS
    • QGIS LTR (LTS)
    • QGIS release
    • QGIS master

If you are familiar with coding (in C++ and python) and would like to fix some bugs, you will need:

  • QGIS development environment
  • Github account

##Contributing to qgis2web plugin##


Help improve qgis2web by joining any of these activities:

What you’ll need

  • laptop
  • QGIS, ideally current or nightly
  • a Github account
  • whatever Git/Github client you prefer
  • your favourite text editor

Details of some specific bugs and features are listed in a dedicated Github issue. If you are not coming to FOSS4GUK 2016, we’d still really value any help you can give. We’ll keep an eye on Github, or try the qgis2web Gitter.

This is a great opportunity to take your first steps in contributing to an open-source project. Come and help - we’ll tell you everything you need to know, and help you learn the skills you don’t yet have. Rest assured that we will be at least as grateful as you for the help you give.

If you are a beginner, @archaeogeek is also running a great workshop at FOSS4GUK 2016 on getting started in open-source: Don’t be afraid to commit

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Posted by Saber Razmjooei, Tom Chadwin