Crayfish 2.5: New features

APRIL 03, 2017 crayfish hydraulics news plugins qgis

A new release of Crayfish is now available from QGIS plugin repo.

Here are the new features in more detail…

Trace animation

We have added support for live trace animation on QGIS canvas:

Please note that export to trace animation (as an avi file) is not supported yet. To change vector style to traces, please refer to the Crayfish manual.

Support for UGRID

UGRID format for Deltares modelling packages are now supported in Crayfish. In addition to 2D mesh, UGRID also supports 1D mesh. Support for 1D mesh is experimental in this release.

FLO-2D HDF format

In addition to ASCII FLO-2D files, Crayfish can handle binary HDF output from FLO-2D. Several bugs related to FLO-2D file format were also resolved.

XDMF format

We are pleased to merge changes from Furgo GeoConsulting to support XDMF format. The new format supports on-the-fly loading of the data.


The new and improved support for file formats for HDF5 and UGRID have been kindly sponsored by FLO-2D and Deltares. We developed trace animation for fun.

Feedback and bug report

If you have any problem with Crayfish, please do not email us directly and consider filing a bug here:

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Posted by Peter Petrik, Saber Razmjooei