Mergin and the Input App are becoming Mergin Maps

APRIL 18, 2022 input mergin mergin maps rebranding

We are thrilled to present Mergin Maps – an ecosystem for your field surveys.

Update June 8, 2022: The rebranding is now finished! Check out our website!

Update May 3, 2022: The rebranding is now underway! In the coming weeks you may notice some changes in logos and colours as Mergin Maps comes together.

Over the past three years, it has been our pleasure to help thousands of people around the globe to get their fieldwork done with ease. We are really excited to see each user of the Input App doing surveys in the field. Happy for each QGIS expert who is able to transfer geo-data easily via Mergin and have the time to focus on work that matters, not to shuffle USB cables around.

Mergin Maps Logo

Today, we want to share the exciting news, that Mergin and the Input App will soon become Mergin Maps. They were made for each other from the start. But from now on, going forward as a single product, we elevate the integration of fieldwork and the power of QGIS to the next level.

What will change? We will use new graphics for Mergin and consolidate it with the Input App graphics. In addition, we’ll rename the Input App as Mergin Maps Input on Apple Store and Google Play. We will also replace the Mergin and Input websites with a new website with case studies, blogs and documentation on All existing Mergin accounts and subscriptions, as well as all the functionality of the Input App will be fully available without any change on Mergin Maps. Expect this rebranding in May 2022!

Stay tuned for more and join our community chat. We would love to hear your feedback!

Posted by Peter Petrik and Lutra Team