AutoTrace Phase 2

Crowdfunding Status: Completed

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This project aims to add advanced tracing support to QGIS similar to that found in other mainstream GIS packages. The feature was added to QGIS 2.13 master and will be included in QGIS 2.14.

Advanced Trace and Snapping Functionality in QGIS

Project Details

We plan to implement a powerful new tracing feature in QGIS. The specification has been developed in close collaboration with users previously making heavy use of tracing in their current proprietary GIS and aims to make tracing just as efficient in QGIS.

  • Trace effortlessly - intelligently routes across multiple overlapping features
  • Written in C++ - lightning fast, even on large datasets

The full project specification is available to download here and contains a series of example use cases.

AutoTrace Phase 2 is a logical follow-on from our previous AutoTrace QGIS plugin. This new QGIS feature will offer new tracing capabilities and will be more responsive, even when used with larger datasets.

If you have a technical question or would like to discuss this project further please contact Martin, the primary project developer.


This is a crowdfunded project. Crowdfunding spreads the burden of development costs for projects that benefit the wider QGIS community. Find out more below and on our main crowdfunding page.

Project Duration* 2 weeks
Project start date* 30/11/2015
Crowdfunding Started 03/02/2015
Crowdfunding Deadline 07/08/2015
Crowdfunding Goal (ex. VAT) £3686
Minimum donation (ex. VAT) £100

* Project start date and duration are indicative.

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