QGIS for macOS

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Crowdfunding Status: Completed

QGIS has become a popular GIS application. Unlike most of the proprietary GIS applications, QGIS can be installed on many platforms and devices. Over the years, QGIS community has developed comprehensive set of tools to automatically generate packages ready for users for most of those platforms.

The packages for QGIS are available for macOS. But due to limitations of the operating system in the past and QGIS developers, the packaging of QGIS for macOS is not on par with other operating systems. This is not an ideal situation for individuals and organisations who require a one-click installer.

We have started QGIS macOS packaging as a proof of concept to overcome the current limitations. There have been several positive feedback from users.

The aim of this crowd-funding campaign is to provide QGIS packages for macOS:

  • For current release, long term release and nightly
  • Will become the official packages provided by qgis.org
  • Signed and certified packages by Apple - using OSGeo certificate
  • One-click installer containing all dependencies and libraries
  • Resolving critical bugs from the current prototype