Crayfish 3D for QGIS 3.2

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Crayfish code re-factoring

Project Specification

Crayfish is a QGIS plugin allowing users to view and analyse temporal data with structured or unstructured mesh.

Currently, Crayfish is not compatible with QGIS 3.x (as QGIS 3 has significant changes to its API). This crowdfunding project will not only make Crayfish compatible with QGIS 3 but will also greatly enhance the user experience and add some significant new features. Changes will include:

  • Rendering of data in QGIS 3's new 3D canvas: With our work on QGIS 3D canvas now complete, visualising Crayfish layers in 3D is now possible
  • Support for large datasets: the refactoring will allow users to load very large datasets using less memory / RAM (lazy loading)
  • Easier installation: we're aiming to remove the need for compiled libraries so Crayfish will have much wider support for various operating system and QGIS version combinations
  • Spatial indexing: to make zooming & panning the map as well as query values much faster and smoother
  • Ability to remove quantities: remove unwanted quantities without needing to close the Crayfish layer
  • Export animations with particle tracing: Currently tracing is only visualised on the map canvas and not exportable

Crayfish currently supports the following formats:

  • NetCDF and GRIB
  • HEC RAS 2D
  • FLO-2D
  • Hydro_AS2D
  • AnuGA
  • Telemac
  • Delft3D

The current version of Crayfish is the result of significant development work with many organisations and individuals benefiting - some of this work was very kindly sponsored. Ensuring Crayfish continues to be awesome and supported in the future takes time and money - hence why we wrote this page. If you wish to use Crayfish in QGIS 3 then please consider contributing to this crowdfunding project.

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If you have a technical question or would like to discuss this project further please contact Peter Petrik, the primary project developer.


This is a crowdfunded project. Crowdfunding spreads the burden of development costs for projects that benefit the wider QGIS community. Find out more below and on our main crowdfunding page.

Project Duration* 12 weeks
Project start date* 2 January 2018 (or as soon as the campaing reached its target fund - depends on the availability)
Started 20/10/2017
Deadline 28/02/2018
Goal 29990€ (ex. VAT)
Minimum donation 200€ (ex. VAT)

* Project start date and duration are indicative.

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To ensure continued support for sponsors' solvers, please be sure to list the solvers you use in the crowdfunding form below.