QGIS - Legend Refactoring

Crowdfunding Status: Completed

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Update: The features below were added in QGIS 2.6 and 2.8. For more details see our blog posts.

The Legend Refactoring project will provide a new and improved legend in QGIS. The new legend will give finer control of how the legend displays symbols for vector layers and will allow the user to better manage how layer groups are used in the legend and print composer.


Project Specification

The replacement QGIS legend widget will be based on model/view architecture and will:

  • become part of the QGIS GUI library
  • be easily extensible
  • be easily embeddable

The new implementation should provide the same functionality as the existing implementation.

The second part of the project is the introduction of the following features:

  • toggling of symbol visibility in the legend
  • management of named sets of layers and their usage in the legend and print composer


The new implementation of the legend will:

  • be based on Qt model/view architecture
  • completely replace the current implementation
  • be included in GUI library and made available in PyQGIS
  • not be directly tied to the map layer registry or map canvas
  • allow customisation without QgsLegendInterface (which will be still supported)
  • retain features from the current implementation

New features will include:

  • possibility to turn on/off visibility of a particular symbol for vector layers with categorized, graduated and rule-based renderers
  • API and GUI for management (addition and removal) of named sets of layers (unordered sets of layers)
  • support for layer sets in legend (only layers from selected set will be set as visible)
  • support for layer sets in composer (only layers from selected set will be rendered)

Further information

If you have any technical question or would like to know more details of the development, please contact Martin, our lead developer.

Project Start Date* September 2014
Project Duration* 5 weeks
Crowdfunding Started April 2014
Crowdfunding Deadline August 2014 (4 months)
Crowdfunding Goal (ex. VAT) £11,000
Minimum donation (ex. VAT) £250

* Project start date and duration are indicative.

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