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Data Management in QGIS

GIS users often deal with large volume of raster or vector data. This training course will help participants to learn about available tools and plugins in QGIS to manage their databases.

Pre-requisite knowledge and skills

Key Skills

Participants will acquire the following key skills:

  • Basics of geodatabases (Spatialite and PostGIS)
  • Importing and loading various vector datasets to geodatabases
  • Handling large raster files with GDAL

Registering for this course

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Course outline

  • Introduction to Spatialite
    • Create a new database
    • Connecting to Spatialite in QGIS
    • DB Manager
  • Tutorial 1: Importing and Styling OpenStreetMap datasets in QGIS
  • Introduction to PostGIS
    • Installation and configuration
    • Connect to PostGIS database in QGIS
  • Tutorial 2: Installing PostGIS
  • Tutorial 3: Creating a PostGIS database
  • Tutorial 4: Connecting to PostGIS in QGIS
  • Tutorial 5: Importing and Styling Ordnance Survey Mastermap and ITN in QGIS
  • GDAL
    • GDAL Shell
    • Virtual rasters and overviews
    • Useful commands for raster conversion, reprojection and clipping
    • Automation and batch processing
  • Tutorial 6: Creating a Digital Terrain Model for Great Britain
  • Rasters in PostGIS
    • Setting up a database
    • Import rasters to PostGIS
    • Visualise data in QGIS
  • Tutorial 7: Working with PostGIS rasters


The course features a series of practical tutorials in which participants carry out exercises, further developing skills learnt during the course.

Tutorial 1: Importing and Styling OpenStreetMap datasets in QGIS

Data from OpenStreetMap will be loaded and styled in a Spatialite database.

Tutorial 2-5: Installing, configuring and importing data to PostGIS

Participants will install and configure PostGIS. After connecting to the PostGIS database in QGIS, participants then load Ordnance Survey's Integrated Transport Network ™ (ITN) Layer and Topography Layer data from the OS Mastermap® to PostGIS using OS OS Translator II plugin in QGIS and style them accordingly.

Mastermap data loaded in a PostGIS database

Mastermap data loaded in PostGIS through OS Translator II and visualised in QGIS.

Tutorial 6: Creating a Digital Terrain Model for Great Britain

Participants will generate a DTM for Greate Britian using 2858 raster tiles from Ordnance Survey's OS Terrain 50 dataset

DTM of Great Britain

Digital terrain model of Great Britain generated using GDAL tools

Tutorial 7: Working with PostGIS rasters

Rasters from the previous tutorial, will be imported in a PostGIS database. Participants will explore some of the PostGIS raster functions in this tutorial.