Our GeoServer training course was developed for organisations looking to use GeoServer to publish GIS layers either internally within their organisation or externally over the web. The course gives delegates practical experience in connecting GeoServer to vector and raster datasources, publishing layers, styling published data and setting up tile caching to boost performance. Even publish your INSPIRE datasets to A detailed course outline can be found below.

It is assumed that delegates have a solid understanding of GIS concepts.

All of our training courses combine presentations with practical exercises, allowing delegates to practice the techniques and concepts being taught. Delegates are supplied with a course manual containing all exercises and presentation materials.

Delegates are encouraged to bring any datasets they may find useful during Open Sessions, held at the end of each day where tutors aim to solve any relevant GIS queries or problems.

Suitable for those who wish to:

  • Install GeoServer including additional modules (e.g. printing)
  • Style and publish maps and GI using OGC standard services such as WMS and WFS
  • Optimise GeoServer for performance and reliability
  • Publish INSPIRE datasets to
    • Requires working logins to the UK Location Metadata Editor and - contact us for more information

How we run our courses

Lutra Consulting specialise in running customised training courses for organisations. That means that you get to choose the course content that best meets your requirements and we'll send one of our knowledgeable and experienced tutors to you, with everything required to run your course, anywhere in the UK or Ireland.

Please see our main training page for more information about how we run our courses.

Course structure and registration

Our GeoServer course is a one day course and covers the topics listed below.

Please contact Peter Wells on 01444 848012 or to book a course or to discuss your requirements in detail.

Topic Level
Installing GeoServerIntermediate
Introduction to GeoServerIntermediate
Publishing Vector DataIntermediate
Viewing Published LayersIntermediate
Publishing Raster DataIntermediate
Tile CachingIntermediate
Tile Cache ManagementIntermediate
WFS (Web Feature Service)Intermediate
Image MosaicsIntermediate
Misc. ConfigurationIntermediate
Debugging GeoServerIntermediate
GeoServer BackupIntermediate
Publishing OS MasterMap (requires access to working PostGIS instance)Intermediate
Installing the GDAL Plugin (optional)Intermediate

Our supported clients also get access to comprehensive documentation for configuring GeoServer for use in a production environment including:

  • Optimising GeoServer for production use
  • Securing layers and integration with Active Directory
  • Automating backup
  • Setup and management of staging / testing instances
  • Publishing MS SQL Server and Oracle Spatial data
  • Publishing INSPIRE datasets to
  • Using watchdog scripts