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OCTOBER 23, 2017 crayfish hydraulics news plugins qgis

Crayfish 2.7 is out with grid calculator, new formats and several enhancements. This will likely to be the last version of Crayfish for QGIS 2.x. We have started a crowd-funding campaign to port Crayfish to QGIS 3.

Crayfish for QGIS 3.2

Crayfish has grown over the past few years and now handles several file formats. There are various functions within the plugin to analyse and process the data too. Instead of porting the plugin directly to QGIS 3, we decided to refactor the code with the possibility of incorporating the renderer directly in QGIS core. We have started a crowd-funding campaign and hoping the software vendors and organisations who are benefiting from the plugin will fund the effort:

Grid calculator

We have implemented a new grid calculator for Crayfish layer. Users can now perform various operations on one or multiple layers. The output can be filtered by time or spatially. In addition, we have added logical and aggregating operators. The result is currently saved as a binary XMS file. Read Crayfish wiki page for more details.

Grid calculator


Here is a list of enhancements for this release:

  • Better handling netcdf time
  • Resolving rendering issues with some file formats
  • Better support for Hydro_AS-2D files
  • Smoother area contour export


This release was funded by Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management

Feedback and bug report

If you have any problem with Crayfish, please do not email us directly and consider filing a bug here:

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Posted by Peter Petrik, Saber Razmjooei