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FEBRUARY 18, 2019 macos qgis

Following our crowdfunding campaign, we are pleased to announce the completion of QGIS packages for macOS.

Thanks to the response from the QGIS community, we have finalised the packages, ready for your day-to-day use. Below are the list of improvements we have carried out:

  • Support for Processing tools:
    • GRASS (7.6): most algorithms work but there are still some reliant on Python 2.x. This issue will be resolved with the release of GRASS 7.8
    • SAGA and GDAL/OGR: all algorithms work
  • Extra Python modules: similar to OSGeo4W, common Python modules are now shipped with the packages.
  • Support for ECW and MrSid raster formats
  • Support for dark theme

The main benefits of the packages:

  • Built with Apple Developers Certificate
  • Availability of QGIS nightly (master)
  • Automatic packaging
  • Use of the latest libraries (Proj, GDAL, etc)

Unfortunately, we did not raise enough funds to resolve issues with macOS 10.11 and 10.12. Python (and hence plugins) are not supported for those OSes. In addition, it was not possible to polish the code and move the infrastructure to QGIS.org.

Supporters of our campaign

Our work was made possible with the help of the supporters of our campaign. Below is the list of individuals and organisations who supported this campaign:

  • Ujaval Gandhi
  • Loïc Ségalou
  • Fletcher Applied Sciences, Inc
  • Auspatious
  • Gecosistema SRL
  • Farallon Geographics
  • L - P : Archaeology
  • 3D geoinformation group, TU Delft
  • Henry Walshaw
  • Joe Tennis
  • Nathaniel Vaughn KELSO
  • Geobits Ltd
  • Hillcrest Geographics
  • Larry Spencer
  • Malte Pill
  • John Steggall
  • Spatial Networks
  • Dogwood Geospatial
  • Hugh Saalmans
  • Ryan Cooper
  • QGIS Usergroup Denmark
  • LuminFire

In addition, there were individuals who donated directly to QGIS.org for this work.

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Posted by Saber Razmjooei, Peter Petrik