Crowdfunding: Point cloud processing in QGIS and 3D data enhancements

SEPTEMBER 26, 2022 crowdfunding qgis

We are pleased to announce a new crowdfunding campaign to introduce point cloud processing to QGIS! Similar to the previous crowdfunding campaigns, we have teamed up with North Road and Hobu.

Point cloud data and raster shading in QGIS

Point cloud data and raster shading in QGIS.

In the last couple of years, we added point cloud data to QGIS, developed profile tool, improved 3D map navigation and many more features related to 3D data.

The new processing tools will allow you to create terrain/contours from your point cloud data, handle and manage large datasets and several other processing algorithms. In addition, we intend to allow you to embed profiles in your print layouts, export to other formats (e.g. DXF, CSV) and more improvements to the elevation profile tool. For more details see the crowdfunding page.

To pledge to this crowdfunding campaign, simply fill in the form. We will start the work as soon as the target fund is raised.

Posted by Martin Dobias, Saber Razmjooei