TUFLOW Modelling with QGIS

TUFLOW is purely a hydrodynamic engine for 1D/2D flood modelling and as such does not feature a graphical user interface for building models or viewing results. A third-party GIS or similar environment is therefore required which can increase TUFLOW's cost of ownership by over 30% 1

QGIS is a Free and Open Source GIS which is compatible with TUFLOW's input and output files which can be used to develop and post-process models. Lutra Consulting are offering users already familiar with TUFLOW and GIS concepts a valuable insight into using this powerful yet user-friendly GIS for hydraulic modelling.

During the course, attendees will be introduced to our Crayfish plugin to visualise and export TUFLOW results to raster layers or animations.

Key Skills

Participants will acquire the following key skills:

  • Building TUFLOW models
  • Presenting results
  • Working with the Crayfish plugin

Course outline

  • Introduction to QGIS
    • Projections
    • Working with vector and raster layers
    • Vector editing and geoprocessing
    • Using online background mapping
  • Differences with MapInfo
    • File formats and limitations
    • Control file (in TUFLOW) commands
    • Thematic map
    • Raster tools
  • How to
    • Generate empty files
    • Digitise and trace vector data
    • Use the AutoTrace plugin
    • Perform spatial and attribute queries
    • Update table attributes (field calculator)
    • Perform a point inspection
    • Use styles and labels to visualise model inputs and results
    • Import, view and interrogate results
    • Extract profiles from the ground model
    • Work with the Crayfish plugin
    • Publish your QGIS maps online! (demo)

1 Based on purchasing TUFLOW for £5,500, MapInfo Professional 9.0 for £1,756 and Vertical Mapper for £995.