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Mesh Data Abstraction Library (MDAL)

In the world of GIS, vector and raster are the most common data types to represent real world features. But not always, vectors and rasters can describe the complexity and nature of the data.

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Working with QGIS 3D - Part 1

In QGIS 3, we have introduced support for 3D canvas. Most of the functionalities are intuitive and easy to use. But there are some configuration options which are hidden and require a bit of more in-depth explanation for users and developers.

This blog post and the follow-up ones will discuss a range of topics: data sources, 3D canvas navigation, configuration, working with various types of layers, styling and more!

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Working with climate data in QGIS

In this tutorial, we are going to explore methods of visualising climate data within QGIS using Crayfish plugin. We are going to use September 2017 datasets from NASA which will include Hurricane Irma.

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Crayfish new release and future plan

Crayfish 2.7 is out with grid calculator, new formats and several enhancements. This will likely to be the last version of Crayfish for QGIS 2.x. We have started a crowd-funding campaign to port Crayfish to QGIS 3.

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Building QGIS3D on (K)ubuntu 16.04

QGIS support for 3D canvas is ready for testing. A possible hurdle in getting QGIS compiled with 3D support may be the fact that we require Qt in version at least 5.8 and it is recommended to use Qt 5.9 which introduces further enhancements. The current QGIS master branch (to be 3.0 release) is usually built against earlier versions of Qt. For example in Ubuntu 16.04, the default Qt package version is 5.5.

Continue reading for more detail on how to build QGIS with the latest Qt on Ubuntu …