Building QGIS3D on (K)ubuntu 16.04

QGIS support for 3D canvas is ready for testing. A possible hurdle in getting QGIS...

Support for Schema 9 in OS Translator II

Schema 9 for Ordnance Survey’s MasterMap is now supported in our translator.

Crayfish 2.5: New features

A new release of Crayfish is now available from QGIS plugin repo.

WMTS enhancement and XYZ tile native support in QGIS 2.18

In this post, we will highlight the new features we have added to QGIS 2.18...

Editing raster cell values in QGIS using Serval plugin

Users can directly edit raster cell values using Serval plugin in QGIS.

Crayfish 2.3: New features

Crayfish 2.3 is out with FLO-2D format support and automatic export of contours

Introducing First Aid Plugin

Software development often consists of a brief period of pure excitement while writing the bulk...

QGIS Code Sprint - FOSS4G UK - 2016

The Open Source community in the UK will get together for another great FOSS4G meeting...

Using OS AddressBase for Address Search in QGIS

In this blog post we’ll learn how to use Ordnance Survey AddressBase data with the...